Additional Lightstream offerings:

  • Live Cell Imaging
  • Ionic Foot SpaNutritional + Water Assessment
  • Breakthrough cellular “redox” support with ASEA
  • Live Cell Imaging––Qualitative Live Cell Imaging is an “under the hood” tour of the realm of your red and white blood cells, platelets, and plasma, to evaluate the health of your “bioterrain.”
Ionic Foot Spa

Detoxing should be a staple of any health regimen. The IonCleanse foot spa will support your wellness process. Sessions require only 30-60 minutes a week, once you reach the maintenance protocol.

Nutritional/Water Assessment + Meal Planning

Quality food and water are vital in any healing process. The path to optimal wellness will only be as effective as your foundation in good nutrition. Referrals to Blissful Life Center for Nutritional Response Testing (NRT).

Cutting Edge Cellular “Redox” Support w/ ASE

ASEA, among the most advanced cellular health products available, and the only “redox signaling” supplement, enables fuel-burning “factories” of cells, or mitochondria, to produce millions of “redox signaling molecules,” dynamically increasing energy, endurance, immune function, restful sleep, and cardiac and digestive health, as well as improving athletic performance and competitive edge.